Our Students

The nurturing of the spiritual life of both students and staff is an integral part of the Hugenote Kollege culture. It is therefore a high priority for the College to create spaces and opportunities focusing specifically on the spiritual growth of our students and staff.

Hugenote Kollege recognises the diversity of student learning needs and is committed to the welfare of all students, and in recognition thereof, the College provides students with appropriate academic and other support services to help them attain academic success and improve their personal well-being whilst undertaking a course. These support services are also aimed at assisting students on a referral basis to make the transition to living and studying away from home.

Learning and Teaching Support

  • Students requiring information and assistance regarding application to study at Hugenote Kollege, the different programs and courses as well as student accommodation report to reception who will refer the student to the staff member dealing with the matter at hand.
  • The orientation programme for new students is an academic matter and the deans of the respective programmes are responsible for the content of the programme. The Operations Manager is responsible for arranging the programmes as well as the logistics.
  • The librarian is responsible to assist and guide students using the library and computer facilities as well as the resource centre.
  • New students have to attend the training in the use of the electronic library management system as well as MyNotes, offered as part of the orientation programmes.
  • Individual assistance will also be provide throughout a student’s journey with Hugenote Kollege.
  • Copies of all prescribed study material will be provided by the publishing centre unless otherwise specified in the prospectus and respective study guides. Additional study notes will be posted on the MyNotes platform.
  • Communication regarding academic activities as well as assessment dates and assessment results will be posted on the official notice boards as well MyNotes.
  • It will be expected of lecturers/facilitators to identify potential academic problems pro-actively and to discuss the needs with the designated coordinator or the dean of the specific programme.
  • Students feeling that they need individual support can either report to their facilitator/lecturers or make an appointment with the coordinator for that course or the dean of the programme.
  • Individual academic support programmes as well as individual development plans (IDP’s) need to be developed in collaboration with the student.
  • Students with special needs will be supported in accordance with their specific needs and the available resources and infrastructure.
  • Students in need of spiritual and psychosocial counselling have to make an appointment with the Student Support Office to discuss the different options before referral to professionals within the resource network.
  • In cases of emergency, the appointed trained first aid officers on the relevant campus will attend to the need according to specific protocols.
  • No medicines or treatment other than first aid and emergency treatment will be supplied.
  • Students without medical aid will be referred to a professional in the medical volunteers network or a professional or clinic of the Department of Health.

Student Leadership

  • Student Representative Council
    • Mitchaan Martin (Chairperson)
    • Marene Matthee (Vice Chairperson)
  • Friedenheim Residential Campus
    • Lowdene Figeland (Chairperson)
    • Lee-Chen Mulligan (Vice Chairperson)
  • Cummings Residential Campus
    • Jadré Boois (Chairperson)
    • Boipelo Modisenyane (Vice Chairperson)
  • Flippie van Dyk Private Student Organisation
    • Moiponi Soetwater (Chairperson)
    • Leigh-Jeandre van Zyl (Vice Chairperson)