The nurturing of the spiritual life of both students and staff is an integral part of the Hugenote Kollege culture. It is therefore a high priority for the College to create spaces and opportunities focussing specifically on the spiritual growth of our students and staff. The College starts every new week with praise and worship in the hall.  The classes starts every day with devotions in some form: prayer, singing and praying, scripture readings, etc. There are also weekly discipleship groups.

One of the lecturers in the Programme for Theology and Ministry acts as student chaplain and is available for counselling.

The Andrew Murray Spirituality Centre is part of Hugenote Kollege and retreats focussing on students will start in 2019.
Wellington also has a variety of faith groups and churches where students of Hugenote Kollege are welcomed:

Congregations Contact Details Web
Afrikaanse Protestant Church 021 864 2713
Apostolic Faith Mission Wellington 021 873 3375
Calvyn Protestant Church of South Africa
Church of God in Christ 021 864 2819
Dutch Reformed Church Wellington 021 873 1561
Dutch Reformed Church Wellington East 021 873 2690
Dutch Reformed Church Wellington North 021 873 2763
Elim Pentecostal Church 083 763 6147
Joshgen Wellington 021 864 2074
Church of the Nazarene
St George’s Presbyterian Church 021 873 2021
St. Alban’s Church (Anglican) 021 873 1425
Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa Bergriver 021 873 2322
Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa Wellington 021 873 1375
Wellington Family Worship Centre 021 864 1365